The lure of the Bass

Posted by Lure Geek on 22nd Sep 2018

It's great to see a book dedicated to bass lure fishing. As more anglers realise that catching bass on lures, is the best UK shore fishing available, they need knowledge and this book is the best shor … read more
Bill Hurley's Baby Squid Lures

Bill Hurley's Baby Squid Lures

Posted by Lure Geek on 8th Feb 2018

Lure evolution is playing out on the east coast of the USA. Seasoned striped bass guide and lure designer, Bill Hurley has improved on the squid bait with 5 logical improvements.1. Eyes2. Rattle (In t … read more

Game On Big Occhi Lures

Posted by Lure Geek on 16th Dec 2017

Lure Geek now has the Game On Big Occhi lures in Pearl White, Sandeel, Pink and Purple in both 7 inch and the beast slaying 10 inch.The Big Occhi V shaped body, toughness, large eyes, tail action … read more

Return of the OSP DoLive Stick

Posted by Lure Geek on 14th Jul 2017

The OSP DoLive Stick 4.5 & 6 Inch has returned. You can browse the range here DoLive Stick is their most popual lure in the UK right now, but don … read more
Z-Man Pop Shadz

Z-Man Pop Shadz

Posted by Lure Geek on 3rd Jul 2017

The Z-Man Pop Shadz have been around for years, but with the increasing popularity of soft plastics such as Wave Worms, OSP DoLive Stick and Slug-Gos maybe the time has come for this soft plastic p … read more